Events hosted or attended by Edgar, Dunn & Company:

October 24, 2014

EDC Director Samee Zafar will be delivering the keynote address on Digital Commerce at the annual ICCI Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria on October 24.

October 15, 2014

EDC Director Samee Zafar will be chairing the Digital and Mobile Wallet Summit 2014 to be held in London on October 15 . Key speakers include Peter Vasco, Head of Payment Unit at Deutsche Telecom AG; James Barty, Strategy Director at the British Bankers’ Association (BBA); Milon Veasey, Head Mobile Solution Specialists at Barclays bank; and Zaf Kazmi, Head of mCommerce at La Caixa in Spain.

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September 22-23, 2014

EDC Director Samee Zafar will be taking part in a discussion: mCommerce The Wallet Wars - at the new GSMA Mobile 360 event in Atlanta September 22 – 23. This is a topic of particular interest due to the recent announcement of Apple Pay will use Apple’s Passbook to enable payments. Discussion participants include: Brad Greene, Vice President, Mobile Payments – Visa; Carey Kolaja, Vice President, Global Solutions, Product - PayPal. Erica Bass, Director, Product Marketing – Verifone; and Kevin Brown, Director, Global Mobile Products & Digital Innovation - Citi.

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September 18, 2014

EDC Directors Samee Zafar and Mark Beresford led Nordea’s Innovation Day organised and hosted by Visa Europe in Stockholm on September 18th. The event was attended by over 80 Nordea executives. The key trends in digital commerce and advanced payments were discussed and debated in this highly successful event.

George Warfel and Edgar Rivera presented at NACHA Payments 2014.

Pay & Play: When Virtual Currencies Get Real

Based on extensive research and participation in the virtual currency industry and with currency regulatory bodies, this presentation will cover the pros and cons of virtual currencies including technology, customer acceptance and regulatory issues. The presentation will look at the history of artificial, non-specie currencies and at what is different about Bitcoin and MintChip. The presenters will debate pros and cons and give a forecast of virtual currencies likely growth globally and in North America.


George Warfel, Director at Edgar, Dunn and Company, moderated a panel at BAI Payments Connect 2014:

Hear what industry leaders think on some key questions:

  • Is payments going through a paradigm change?
  • Will it help or hurt banks?
  • What is causing it?
  • How are banks responding?
  • How should banks consider responding?
  • Where is it all going?

Each panel member was asked to give both individual views and what they think is the view of their industry.


EDC Director Samee Zafar moderated a lively discussion on the online / mobile commerce potential of Latin America at the GSMA Mobile Money conference in New York in October 2013. Panel members: Mung Ki Woo (Executive Vice President, Digital Platforms, MasterCard); Greg Keough (CEO, Mobile Financial Services – A MasterCard and Telefonica Joint Venture); Jeff Hindle (Vice President – Emerging Businesses & Payments – Scotiabank).

June 11-12, 2014

Edgar, Dunn & Company Directors, Samee Zafar and Mark Beresford will both be chairing events at this years PayExpo conference.

PayExpo is an essential event for anyone involved in making payments faster, easier and more secure. It comprises:

  • Four hugely successful conferences
  • A large scale exhibition
  • Dragons' Den style pitches of new products
  • The Payments Power 10 celebrating the top contributors to the payments industry
  • Plenty of networking opportunities with over 2,000 attendees

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June 18, 2013

Exploring prepaid programmes across Travel, Retail, General Purpose and Mobile in turn, the Edgar, Dunn Seminar Day is an insightful guide into the breadth of prepaid payment projects throughout the industry verticals. Each workshop will provide you with an in-depth look into each sector and allow you to explore the opportunities and projects shaping each market. Led by industry specialists, it is a seminar day not to be missed!

Seminar Theatre Agenda

10:00-10.45 Travel & Airline Workshop

Pascal Burg, Director, Head of EDC Travel Practice, Edgar, Dunn & Company

11:15-12:00 Retail Workshop

Mark Beresford, Director, Head of EDC Retail Practice, Edgar, Dunn & Company

12:30-13:15 Mobile Workshop

Gregoire Toussaint, Manager, Mobile Payments Trends, Edgar, Dunn & Company

14:40-15:15 Web to wallet: Harnessing the diaspora dollar

Rob burrell, Managing Director, Mukuru

15:40-16:30 General Purpose Prepaid Workshop

Peter Sidenius, Director, Head of Europe, Middle East and Africa, Edgar, Dunn & Company; Non exec Director Prepaid International Forum

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February 19, 2013

Paris, France

Edgar, Dunn & Company (EDC) organised the 3rd EDC Payments and Cards Council in Paris. This council analysed the evolution and the revolution of the payments industry with the following presentations:

  • Overview of the revolution of the payments industry, Pascal Burg, Director at EDC
  • Square's viewpoint, Colleen Lindow, Director international partner development & management at Square
  •  Ingenico's perspectives, Pierre-Antoine Vacheron, Executive Vice-President Europe-SEPA

 This year’s event has brought together again senior executives of banks, merchants, card schemes and processors to discuss latest developments and future trends in retail payments. More than 70 payment professionals gathered to listen to insightful presentations delivered by EDC, Square and Ingenico.  Pascal Burg, Director France, provided the background to this council, analysing the revolution of the payments industry, the impact on payment products and the changing roles of stakeholders within the payment value chain.

Colleen Lindow, Director international partner development & management at Square, talked about the Square success story, with more than 3,000,000 merchants recruited in North America within a few years. Colleen Lindow also shared about Square's recent developments such as Square Register for merchants and Square Wallet for consumers. This provided international perspectives on how innovation can impact the market place and influence both consumer and merchant behaviour.

Pierre-Antoine Vacheron, Executive Vice-President Europe-SEPA at Ingenico, shared Ingenico's perspectives on the changing payments landscape and the factors impacting the payments industry. Pierre-Antoine Vacheron analysed first the disruptions and trends in the payments industry before presenting Ingenico's holistic approach on payments. Ingenico has leveraged its position at the crossroads between consumers, merchants and banks to generate value through payment services (with both hardware and software). Key Ingenico's initiatives were also presented, including m-payment acceptance with mobile card readers, e-payment with the recent acquisition of the PSP Ogone and a wallet combining loyalty, payment and couponing in a single application.

This 3rd EDC Payments and Cards Council in Paris was overall well received, and the cocktail after the presentation was a good opportunity to meet and network with a broad range of payment stakeholders.

8th EDC Payments and Cards Council

November 22nd, 2012

Frankfurt, Germany


“Future Business Models in Retail Payments”


On November 22nd, EDC held its 8th “EDC Payments and Cards Council in Frankfurt”, Germany. This year’s event has brought together again senior executives of banks, card schemes, processors, as well as lawyers and academics to discuss latest developments and future trends in retail payments.

Ulf Geismar, director of EDC and host of the event, gave insights on the German retail sector and emphasised the increasing importance of e-commerce which would not have been possible without innovative retail payments that not only accompany but support this development.

Representatives of companies providing such innovative payment solutions were the two keynote speaker, Siegfried Heimgärtner, CEO of Skrill, and David Yates, CEO of VocaLink. Siegfried talked about the change of usage of payment methods the relevance of digital wallets in the near future. He also outlined Skrill’s answer to changing payment behaviour in the online world and how their digital wallet can add value to customers and merchants alike.

Pascal Burg, director of EDC and responsible for EDC´s Paris office, gave a presentation about successful business models in retail payments. While the role of retail payments follows a range of different objectives, Pascal highlighted the strategic position this segment should takes in an organisation to succeed. He illustrated the relevance by providing case studies of distinct business models around retail payments.

The second keynote speaker, David Yates, spoke about VocaLink’s pivotal role for the UK economy and how innovative improvements in ACH technology and processes will change the market for retail payments. VocaLink’s central position amid the banking industry was of particular importance to compete with new market entrants. Building further payment services around bank accounts in a fast and convenient manner will soon test the company’s value proposition in the market.

The 8th Payment and Cards Council has been very well received by its members. The presentations have let to brisk discussions with the panellists and the entire audience around future business models in retail payments.

Click here to view the Council presentations:  8th EDC Cards & Payments Council - Frankfurt - Nov22-2012


Pascal Burg and David Whitelaw presented a webinar for the MRC titled "Travel Payment Trends and Opportunities".

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Lance Blockley recently spoke at the World Cards & Payments Conference in Shanghai (Sept. 2012).

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Lance Blockley recently spoke at the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra, Australia (Sept. 2012).

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