EDC advises leading PSP on growth strategy

EDC advises leading PSP on growth strategy

EDC Team
October 21, 2022

The Challenge

Our client was undertaking a comprehensive review of the existing portfolio of business initiatives and a corporate strategy exercise to define the company’s long-term growth trajectory. The main aim was to ensure that management time, capital and resources are focused on the highest-return initiatives that fit within the company’s stated objective of becoming the world’s leading provider of specialist payment services. Our client’s services include in-store payments, merchant acquiring, payment gateways, alternative payments and omni-channel and secure cross-border e-commerce.

How EDC helped

EDC conducted a thorough assessment of the client’s internal capabilities and established a comparative framework against its competitors. Key competitors were identified, categorized by geography (global / regional / market-specific) and by industry vertical. Each competitor was analyzed for product offerings, market positioning and capabilities, compared to the client and each other to understand competitive dynamics.  

EDC also provided key insights to the client on how the market landscape is changing / evolving and leveraged on of its market sizing methodologies and models to estimate and forecast the opportunity size for the agreed industry verticals as well as identify the client’s future success requirements and “right to win” in the selected industry verticals in selected regions / markets.  

Edgar, Dunn & Company’s strategy roadmap, market opportunity sizing and vertical specific opportunities were an integral part of the payment service provider’s SPAC merger deal.  

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