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Governments and payment regulators are driving the biggest shake-up in the payments industry in a generation. We’re seeing many governments and local regulators introduce domestic payment systems as an alternative to international payment networks. These new payment systems can leapfrog the legacy solutions to launch real-time payments.

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Regulators, both domestic and international, are constantly monitoring the payments market.

They put policies in place to protect the consumers and businesses that use payment systems, and to promote effective competition in payment systems and services.

Together, governments and regulators face the challenges of fighting fraud, ensuring payment services are available to everyone, and modernising legacy technologies. Often, they lack the specialist expertise, skills, and knowledge required.

Working with governments and regulator clients

Policy makers and governments want to develop modernisation plans that are informed by the lessons learned in similar projects around the world. At EDC, we bring expert insights and actionable strategies from previous engagements.

Our consultants have worked collaboratively with governments on a range of payments innovations. We are working with the governing bodies of several developing and developed markets worldwide. The goals range from protecting the interests of end users to helping organisations access payment systems more easily. By working with EDC, governments and regulators can tap into specialist expertise in payments, backed by extensive experience working on similar regulatory and infrastructure projects.

When we work with governments and regulators our service capabilities include:

We’ll work alongside you as you define your value proposition. We’ll collaborate with you throughout the development and launch phases, and ultimately help you to scale.

Our Experts

Working with our experts in payment regulations and legislation

“Global payments are now becoming more convenient driven by the fintech sector, however, the framework behind the scenes has yet to define a standardised system of rules and regulations about how to handle, record, and secure payments globally.”

Peter Sidenius
Head of the Legal & Regulatory Practice

“Payment processing, merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions, business operations, information security, and product development, are just a few of the areas in the payments industry that can become the subject of a lawsuit. EDC has experts in a variety of verticals across the payments ecosystem that are sought out for a variety of lawsuits. EDC can align preeminent subject matter experts who are able to convey their knowledge and expertise in the courtroom.”

Amine Saidi
Business Development Manager

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