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We are seeing significant changes in payment issuing. Modern issuers, including banks and fintech, are increasingly adopting a digital-first user journey and looking beyond physical payment cards.

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Issuers are looking to offer payment methods that fit in a broader service offering.

The future of payments is digital, with the payment process seamlessly integrated into the service, to meet customers expectation for modern, secure, and efficient digital channels that streamline all banking operations.

The payment behaviour and needs of consumers and corporates are in constant change, driven by technological advancements such as contactless, QR codes, mobile wallets, budgeting tools, expense management tools, etc.

As a result, there is a growing range of payment products that banks and fintech can issue depending on the end user's needs, including traditional payment cards (credit, debit or prepaid), virtual accounts, lodge cards for corporate travel, fuel cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, mobile wallets and more.

The growing payment issuing ecosystem has also led to new trends like embedded finance and embedded payments appearing with the objective to streamline and optimize processes. The surge of open banking regulatory frameworks across the globe will also present new opportunities for issuing banks and fintech.

Working with our issuer and bank clients

Issuing processes have evolved significantly in the last decade and EDC has been at the forefront of this progress.

We support and advise our issuer and processor bank and fintech clients to define their strategy as well as to optimize and modernize their operations and portfolio. We also help clients define new payment products, size new business opportunities globally, evaluate the attractiveness of a market or client segment, be prepared for and assess the impact of regulatory changes, select new partners, and much more.

     When we work with issuers, banks and account providers our service capabilities include:

     We’ll work alongside you and together define your optimal future strategy and every step to reach your business goals.

Our Experts

Working with our experts in payment issuing

“While we don’t expect all countries will be cashless, but it is highly likely to happen by 2030 in several countries – such as Denmark, Norway and Sweden. As a result of regulatory changes and the adoption of open banking, there is a growing number of mobile wallets being funded directly from bank accounts. In Asia more users fund their digital wallets directly from their bank account whereas in the West more users fund their digital wallet via a debit or a credit card. Payment issuing financial institutions are expected to adopt new business models during this decade to respond to changing consumer habits.

Ulf Geismar
Head of the Issuing Practice

“We have seen that cash transactions have given way to digital transaction in the Middle East. Banks and payments providers are rapidly evolving their issuing strategies. While card payments are growing strongly in the Middle East, mobile wallets continue to increase their relevance in Africa.”

Manuel Cigala
Senior Consultant based in Dubai

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