Published on Sep 01, 2022
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Airline Payment Cost and Revenue Drivers Study

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Payment is a key pillar to support the recovery of the airline industry and “unlock value creation”

The Covid-19 crisis had a significant impact on the travel industry across the globe and encouraged airlines to review their business models, including how they accept payments

The pandemic impacted the travel industry by significantly reducing activity and changing customer expectations, fostering digital innovation and influencing the exit or entry of players in the industry

The crisis has brought to light some of the internal challenges that airlines had to face related to payments, such as handling large volumes of chargebacks and refunds, addressing cash-flow issues, implementing new payment methods, reviewing contracts with payment providers, etc.

Due to the important contributing role that payments can play in the recovery and in unlocking value creation, Edgar, Dunn & Company (EDC) partnered with IATA to undertake an Airline Payment Cost and Revenue Drivers Study

In order to support the recovery and unlock value creation, having a good understanding of payments-related cost and revenue drivers is crucial. With the right data collection and analytics tools, airlines will be better equipped to measure this impact on passenger and ancillary revenues.

Read the full analysis and EDC’s recommendations by downloading the report below:

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