Published on Oct 16, 2023
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Fintech & Advanced Payments Report 2024

About this Report

Every year, we publish a Fintech & Advanced Payments report discussing the latest trends and insights shaping the payments industry. This year marks the 16th edition of our annual report.

In this year's report, we explore fintech’s responses to the post-pandemic world, its dedication to environmental and social responsibility, and its leverage of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to drive efficiency and scale. The report covers three key themes:

  1. Operational Efficiency: This section explores how fintech companies are strategically gearing up for a new economic era, leveraging technological advancements and innovative strategies to enhance operational efficiency.
  2. Climate and Impact: This section highlights the rise and potential impact of climate and impact fintechs, shedding light on their efforts to integrate sustainability into the financial landscape.
  3. Technology Transfer: Here, we delve into the horizon of promising opportunities and potential risks entwined with AI and ML advancements in the payments industry. We discuss how these technologies are reshaping the future of financial services, heralding a new era of possibilities.

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