Published on Jan 28, 2019
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Growth of Click & Collect in Europe

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Just over 5 Years ago EDC predicted that European Click & Collect sales in 2018 would be between €20 - €25 billion – today European Click & Collect sales in 2018 was in the region of €27 billion – slightly higher than we predicted.Customers expect Click & Collect to feature as a standard delivery method when making online purchases – research shows that 17% of customers would abandon a purchase if a Click & Collect option was not available. Click & Collect has evolved beyond the “buy online and collect in-store” model; Click & Collect now includes collection at lockers and collection at third-party retailers and/or retail networks.The growth of Click & Collect in Europe has been higher than expected, indicating that Click & Collect has become an essential service in a retailer’s omnichannel strategy. Complete the form below to read and download the full report.

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