Conversation with Emma Alley, COO at Moneycorp

Conversation with Emma Alley, COO at Moneycorp

Samee Zafar
April 28, 2022

Emma Alley, COO at Moneycorp, recently spoke with Samee Zafar (Director, London). During their conversation, Emma talked about her role at Moneycorp and the challenges she faces every day. She also shared her view on the increasing role of women in leadership positions in payment companies and Fintechs

1. Tell us about your role in the company and your key challenges?

I am the COO for Moneycorp Group. Moneycorp is a Global Fintech focused on international, cross-border SME payments. I have a global team of 250 people, and I am responsible for the Payment supply chain, Payment operations, Technology, Programme Office and HR. The challenges that I encounter are always varied, which is also why I love this job. Every day is new learning. I am building an amazing team that supports and inspires me on a daily basis. Coming out of covid has been a challenge, as so many people joined Moneycorp during what was, and still is, a rapid growth period for us. Understanding the history of Moneycorp is key to understanding our growth, and with so many working from home and slowly returning, we are still playing catch up in teaching all new joiners globally about the uniqueness of Moneycorp. It is so important for the company’s success to engage all staff as we develop and deliver our future strategy and consider their concerns and ideas.

2. Have you seen (and also foresee) more women in leadership positions in payment companies and Fintechs? What more can be done to promote female leadership at Board levels?

I believe we have seen slow but measurable progress for women at all levels of management in payment companies and fintechs, and I really hope to see this trend continue to grow.

At Moneycorp, we want the best people in the right positions. As with a lot of companies and organisations throughout finance and other industries, there has previously been a lack of representation of female leaders. I feel that this is changing and can certainly see the change within Moneycorp. This doesn’t happen overnight, but it is going in the right direction.

The promotion of female leadership at the Board level needs to start with a company’s ethos and culture and approach to D&I and investment in its leaders. Investing in women, L&D and empowering women in the workplace with meaningful opportunities will create more female leadership at the Board level, which will benefit the company as a whole.

Finally, and it’s something so easy, we forget to stop and listen to our female leaders. We get so caught up in trying to do things we think are right, that we don’t realise it can sometimes be the unique voice in the room that empowers and impacts real change.

3. What do you do when not working? What are your hobbies?

When I’m not working, the only place I want to be is with my family. I have two beautiful crazy children (2 & 6) who seem to have more energy than my whole team put together! My wonderful husband supports me in everything I do and has just launched his own company, so we are both finding life a constant juggle. Every spare minute we get is spent with them. If I do get a minute to myself, I love to run to unwind, or hang out with friends and just laugh.

4. What book are you reading currently and which is your favourite book?

I’m not going to lie, I don’t get a lot of time to read, but I am very slowly making my way through a book called ‘’More time to Listen” (by Nancy Kline).  Speaking less and listening more is the challenge I have set myself this year. Maybe it’s a female thing, or an Irish thing, or just a me thing, but I’m very quick to jump in with an opinion on everything. I’m trying to teach myself to pause, breathe, and try to listen more.  I’m definitely a work in progress on this one, which anyone who knows me can attest to!

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