Conversation With Grégoire Delpit, COO & Founding Partner of ProcessOut

Conversation With Grégoire Delpit, COO & Founding Partner of ProcessOut

Gregoire Toussaint
May 31, 2019

Grégoire Delpit, COO & Founding Partner of ProcessOut, spoke with Grégoire Toussaint (Principal, Paris).

ProcessOut develops a Monitoring & Smart Routing solution for payments. In 2018, they increased their transaction volume from $500 million in 2017 to $10 billion.

1. As a relatively new player in the payments space, which services do you offer and which types of actors do you target?

ProcessOut develops a Monitoring & Smart Routing solution for payments. Our objective is to help online merchants build, scale, monitor and optimise their payment infrastructure. Outside the payment industry, people may not be aware that each transaction costs a merchant between 0.2% - 4% of the transaction’s value.

Furthermore, between 5% - 10% of online transactions fail after customers’ click ’pay’. Thus, 5% - 10% of merchant revenue is at stake! ProcessOut helps online merchants manage this risk by reducing their number of failed transactions and optimizing fees.

2. Where are your current areas of focus and opportunities?

2018 was an amazing year for ProcessOut. Volume of transactions increased from just under $500m in 2017 to more than $10bn in 2018. Our main priority now is to structure the company and prepare for a new year of growth. Customer satisfaction, marketing, technology & product and our team are key focus areas for us.

Customer satisfaction is influenced by payment performance. Therefore, we have a strong investment focus on customer payment experience. New payment features, algorithm & data and a better geographical reach are our key parameters. Customer referrals are our main channel of distribution and we want to maintain this. In terms of product & technology, we have a long list of cool features we would like to develop. In the short term, we see opportunities to help merchants manage the transition to 3DS 2.0 and assist them to leverage technology in order to maintain/improve conversion rates. Europe, North America and LATAM are our main geographical markets, with the US being our central business area. In France, we're already working with 5 merchants in the top 10, we aim to do the same in other countries.

3. What are your hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?

I am not sure I have a specific hobby… I enjoy travelling to a new country or city even for just a few hours or days. I also enjoy catching up with friends. On the weekend, I spend time walking or riding my bike in the city and meeting with friends. I’m also a huge fan of podcasts. I used to read a lot but unfortunately, I have less time now, so podcasts are a great option.

4. Your personal goals for 2019?

I would like to spend more time with friends & family. Also, I would like to use my scooter less and my bike more.

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