Conversation with Vibhor Mundhada, CEO at NEOPAY

Conversation with Vibhor Mundhada, CEO at NEOPAY

Samee Zafar
September 5, 2023
1. How do you see the growth of e-commerce in the GCC region? Will it become the dominant channel? Will cards continue be the dominant payment method?

E-commerce in the GCC region is likely to become a dominant channel, propelled by changing consumer behavior. Post COVID 19, consumers are increasingly using E-commerce and quick commerce for their daily purchases. Being one of the largest payment processors in GCC we have consumer insights which clearly show that the shift to E-commerce is here to stay. This growth for ecommerce is driven by digital infrastructure and changing lifestyles, poised to become a primary shopping channel. While cards would continue to be a dominant payment method, the rise of alternative methods like digital wallets and initiatives like Instant Payments could reshape the payments landscape.

2. How do you see Neopay in 5 years time, how do you plan to compete in the acceptance market in the region?

In the next five years, we aim to leverage on our position of dominance in the UAE and become a regional payments powerhouse. Our core strength lies in our ability to innovate and build secure, seamless and resilient payment products coupled with best in class service delivery. Our product suite will be our strategic tool for market penetration, as we offer a diverse range of innovative product solutions and tailor-made base offerings to cater to diverse merchant needs. Furthermore, our focus on use of data, artificial intelligence and value-added services will serve as a key pillar propelling our sustained growth. We would continue to expand our scope of acceptance by adding newer payment methods from all over the region and the world.; a case in point being our launch of UPI payments from India this year, which enable our merchants to accept millions of wallets from their Indian customers.

3. What do you do in your spare time, what are your hobbies / favourite things away from work?

Outside of work I like to play competitive chess something that I have picked up again after my college life. I also like to read and follow sports like football and cricket. Travelling is a great way to relax and rejuvenate for me.

4. Which is the most memorable book you have read and would recommend? (fiction or non-fiction).

I would like to recommend two books, Fooled by Randomness, which is one of the most interesting and intelligent books I have read. Another favourite of mine is Catch 22, which is a satire on war. It takes you 30-40 pages to appreciate the book, but then you get hooked to it!

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