EDC Podcast Ep03: Sirpa Nordlund, Head Of Sales and Partnerships at MobilePay – Success Story of Pan Nordic Mobile Payment Wallet

EDC Podcast Ep03: Sirpa Nordlund, Head Of Sales and Partnerships at MobilePay – Success Story of Pan Nordic Mobile Payment Wallet

Martin Koderisch
February 1, 2023

About this episode

This episode is all about mobile wallets and the success story that is MobilePay. Martin meets with Sirpa Nordlund Head of Sales and Partnerships at MobilePay. The company launched in Denmark in 2013 and has grown to become a dominant force in Danish and now Nordic consumer payments. It recently merged with Norway’s Vipps to create a pan Nordic mobile wallet platform. In the podcast, Sirpa shares with us how MobilePay started, why Nordic consumers have embraced mobile wallet payments to such an extent, and underlying reasons for its popularity that have a lot to do with Nordic geography and cultural attitudes towards cashless digital payments as well as the strength of the merchant value proposition. Sirpa also talks about the impact of the current economic downturn and her approach towards leadership and managing her team during these uncertain times.

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Episode Links

Website: https://mobilepaygroup.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sirpanordlund/  

Email: senordlund@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/senordlund

Sirpa Nordlund, Head Of Sales and Partnerships at MobilePay

Guest Bio

Sirpa Nordlund is an acknowledged payment and fintech professional, recognized financial industry strategist and a dealmaker. She is a well-known trusted advisor in the financial industry, a start-up board member and a keynote speaker. Sirpa started at Mobilepay in August 2022, and is now Head of Retail at newly merged Vipps Mobilepay, and will be responsible for the retail business cross Nordic.

Since 2017, she held several upper management positions at Nets (now part of Nexi), including Country Director for Finland and Senior Vice President of Major Accounts. Prior to Nets, she was the CEO of Mobey Forum, a global industry organization empowering banks and other financial institutions to shape the future of digital financial services. Earlier, she also held the position as European sales director at Venyon (now Giesecke&Devrient) and Head of Sales at Nokia Ventures Payment division.

Sirpa holds a Master of Science degree in economics from the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, majoring in finance. She also has advanced studies in classical music at Sibelius Academy (University of Arts), as well as Helsinki University (political science).



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