EDC Podcast Ep14: Bernhard Reiterer, CEO and founder of SignD Identity, Building a RegTech for KYC / KYB and AML Compliance

EDC Podcast Ep14: Bernhard Reiterer, CEO and founder of SignD Identity, Building a RegTech for KYC / KYB and AML Compliance

Martin Koderisch
April 19, 2023

About this episode

In today’s episode, Martin chats with Bernhard Reiterer CEO and founder of SignD Identity, the Vienna based RegTech provider. The SignD Platform provides end to end onboarding solutions with KYC / KYB and AML compliance across multiple jurisdictions built in. In our conversation, we discuss the increasing complexity and burden of compliance especially for companies operating across multiple jurisdictions. Bernhard explains what it took for him to successfully convince large incumbent financial institutions to trust his start up with their compliance obligations, develop domestic market leadership and expand internationally into other markets. No mean feat. And plenty of start up lessons and tips.

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Episode Links

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bernhardreiterer1/

Email: bernie@signd.id

Website: https://signd.id/

Guest Bio

Bernhard "Bernie" Reiterer is the Founder and CEO of SignD. Bernie is an innovation aficionado and business developer, ex-consultant, and entrepreneur with an industry background in payments and banking. He has a successful track record as innovator and executor in large corporations, start-ups and when running a boutique consulting firm for 10 years. After being formed in Business Administration and Marketing in the University of Vienna and in the Carlson School of Management, Bernie had a scaling career in the financial technology industry, where he was an early adopter of important innovations such as novel payments schemes and new business around the globe. He consulted National Banks in payments and financial technology strategies and policies before founding SignD. Consumes music but composes businesses. Also a passionate father and archery enthusiast, Bernie lives in a little village close to Vienna with his wife and two children.


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