EDC Podcast Ep37: Hazal Muhtar, Director of Product Analytics at Wise, Building and Scaling a 40 Person Data Analytics Team In 3 Years

EDC Podcast Ep37: Hazal Muhtar, Director of Product Analytics at Wise, Building and Scaling a 40 Person Data Analytics Team In 3 Years

Martin Koderisch
May 16, 2024

About This Episode

This week we speak with Hazal Muhtar, Director of Product Analytics at Wise.

Wise probably needs no introduction. Launched in 2011 under its original name TransferWise, it is one of the world’s fastest growing, profitable fintech companies and has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2021.

Hazal heads up a rapidly growing data analytics team at Wise, and in our conversation, we discuss various topics including the role of data analytics in product innovation in a highly regulated industry, the challenge of building data and technology teams around strategic business priorities, and key considerations when scaling teams.


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Guest Bio

With a decade of experience in coaching and mentoring within the technology industry, Hazal is a seasoned coach passionate about helping others achieve their career aspirations. Hazal's career has taken her across the U.S., the U.K., and Europe, where she has dedicated herself to empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

Currently, Hazal is the Director of Analytics at Wise, an international banking platform. In this role, she has successfully built and scaled a team of 40 analysts over the past three years, overseeing global product offerings. Before joining Wise, she served as an Analytics Program Manager at LinkedIn, where she focused on identifying career trends across various industries and assisting individuals from diverse professional backgrounds to thrive.

Her expertise encompasses not only her own rapid growth as an individual contributor but also the development of numerous individuals and managers at different levels of seniority. Guiding them towards successful careers and watching them tackle complex challenges and make meaningful impacts brings her great joy.

As someone deeply passionate about developing others, Hazal invests significant time and effort into ensuring that each person she works with finds a meaningful and satisfying career path. Witnessing individuals flourish and address some of the most complex problems of our generation is immensely rewarding. She is excited to share her insights and invaluable tips to help others jumpstart or elevate their careers in the most effective way possible.


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