Conversation with Kristian Gjerding, CEO of CellPoint Digital

Conversation with Kristian Gjerding, CEO of CellPoint Digital

Samee Zafar
January 7, 2020

Kristian Gjerding, CEO of CellPoint Digital, spoke with Samee Zafar (Director, London). CellPoint Digital's core mission is to boost digital revenues for travel merchants by providing digital commerce and payment solutions.

1. What is the core focus of CellPoint Digital and how is it different?

Our core mission is to boost digital revenues for travel merchants. We do this by providing powerful digital commerce and payment solutions that enable airlines and other travel merchants to simplify their systems, unify their customer experience, and increase their digital transactions across their website, mobile web, and mobile apps.

CellPoint Digital provides two omni-channel digital platforms: Velocity, our payment control platform that manages and optimises all digital payment (cards, alternative form of payments, loyalty…) and Voyage, our full digital platform that manages the entire sales cycle (promote, sell, pay, serve).

We are different first because we are both a fintech and a traveltech company and have the ability to master the entire path-to-purchase, and therefore the end-to-end customer experience. What sets us apart also is our true omni-channel approach: Our solutions power all digital channels. For example, we roll-out new alternative payment solutions like PayPal on both website and native mobile app with our responsive hosted payment pages and native mobile SDK.

2. Is there a particular focus on specific sectors such as airline payments?

CellPoint Digital specialises in serving the travel sector, mainly airlines but also other segments like rail and mass transit operators or online travel agencies. But yes, we see a lot of traction in the airline payments space!

Because they are flying to multiple countries, airlines face unique payment challenges rolling out all new payment methods they need in all their markets, optimising their cross-border transactions and covering all customer touch-points from booking to servicing.

Our omni-channel payment platform solves these issues by liberating airlines from their traditional payment solutions, rapidly implementing a frictionless payment experience on all digital devices, with all the required payment methods and optimising the routing of each transaction among multiple acquirers.

3. What do you do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?

As a growing company, we have offices, teams and clients all over the globe, so I'm on the road quite a bit. Whenever I am home, I focus on what's important outside of my professional life. I spend a lot of time in the outdoors.

4. What are your personal goals for the next year (e.g, write a book; climb a mountain)

One of my personal goals for 2020 is to be more sustainable. Copenhagen is known for its biking culture, which has an enormous impact on reducing CO2 emissions from cars. We are quite proud of the fact that every year there are fewer cars on our city streets than the previous year, and I'm always looking for ways to personally reduce my carbon footprint.

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