Conversation with Steven Parker, CEO of Crypterium

Conversation with Steven Parker, CEO of Crypterium

Mark Beresford
March 4, 2020

Steven Parker, CEO of Crypterium, spoke with Mark Beresford (Director, London). Crypterium bridges the gap between crypto and traditional economies by offering services that enable customers to use digital currencies with the same ease as any fiat money.

1. How does Crypterium allow customers who may be unfamiliar with Cryptocurrencies to access the benefits of a cryptobank?

Crypterium was born from the vision and need for a solution that demystifies digital currencies by making them as accessible and as easy to use as “fiat” (or normal) money. To develop a solution that engages with people unfamiliar or unwilling to deal with cryptocurrencies, we first had to understand the reasons behind their attitudes.

Our consumer research has shown that negative attitudes toward cryptocurrencies are the result of a number of factors, including unclear information, lack of regulation, poor customer support, complicated interfaces and a narrow range of services.

If you open the Crypterium Wallet, you’ll quickly realize that we’re attempting to address every single one of these customer “pain points”. Our blog offers tutorials on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and ensures a constant flow of quality product updates for our existing customers. All Crypterium services are fully compliant with EU regulations, giving peace of mind to our 500,000 customers. We’ve developed a 24/7 support team that answers every question. And, last but not least, our wallet brings together all the services you need in a UX-focused single-access app. With a few taps, you can store, send, buy, cash out and exchange cryptocurrencies and even spend with a global crypto card - which is available both virtually and in traditional plastic.

2. How does the Crypterium app differentiate itself in a crowded market of payment apps?

The Crypterium Wallet lets you pay with cryptocurrencies in many ways. You can either transfer funds to another wallet, pay out to a debit or credit card, send money to a personal or business bank account, or use the Crypterium Card for online or in-store payments. Easiest of all, you can send crypto to anyone’s mobile number, anywhere in the world (based on local regulation). They will receive a link with a wallet address.

The payment alternatives are just one side of our services. With Crypterium, you can store multiple cryptocurrencies free-of-charge, buy and exchange cryptocurrencies, and we are planning, soon to let you earn interest on them, with high-yielding saving accounts.

The ability to bring all these services together into one mobile and web wallet is an essential part of our differentiation strategy. Another important aspect is the opportunity to serve over 180 countries, a reach no other cryptocurrency company has been able to achieve so far.

Most importantly, we see our customers as an engaged community who we need to communicate with regularly and help use our services and provide a referral to other prospective customers. We have an innovative member loyalty programme depending on your balances and usage and, with referrals, we let you benefit from the level of usage of the customer you have referred – which is fairly unique. We also communicate regularly with our customer base through live webinars and chat channels such as Telegram.

3. What are your hobbies? How do you spend your spare time?

My biggest passions are travel and culture, which is why I am delighted to be working for a truly global service such as Crypterium. I have lived in 12 different countries, across 5 different continents, including some “way out” places such as Djibouti and the Solomon Islands. So, my main hobby remains to travel.

I lived in Hong Kong for 14 years and my wife is Hong Kong Chinese, so we go back every year to enjoy Chinese New Year. This is now the Year of the (Metal) Rat. Supposedly, this will be a great year for founding and evolving businesses, but the astrologers say that these types of initiatives will only be successful if they are carefully planned - so we are putting on our “planning hats” now!

I visited Tanzania last year to see the “Great Migration” in the Serengeti National Park and, this year, I hope to go hot-air ballooning in Namibia!Closer to home, I enjoy calmer activities such as visiting art galleries or museums and going to theatre or concerts. Highlights from the last year have been to see the musical “Hamilton”, enjoy Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” in Russian and walk around the wonderful Christian Dior exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum, in London.

4. What are your long term “personal goals”?

My goals would be simple and human - to remain healthy and enjoy continued good times with business colleagues, family, and friends. Since one of my daughters lives in the USA and the other lives in Zambia, time with family can be challenging and certainly requires “planning”.

I also mentor young leaders and entrepreneurs in the tech, AI and blockchain space. It is very fulfilling to be able to share my experiences and give back to a next generation.

Otherwise, travel figures again. I have quite a “bucket list”, which would include going down the Nile, seeing the stone churches in Ethiopia and seeing the Angkor complex. My dream goal though would be to visit the Marquesas Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean - probably the furthest away point on Earth. Somehow, Robert Louis Stevenson, Gauguin, and Jacques Brel all managed to end up there - listen to Jacques Brel’s wonderful last album “Les Iles Marquises”.

In the meantime, simply making a great success of our Crypterium app would be a good start for this Year of the Rat!

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