EDC Podcast Ep30: Mark Beresford and Mark McMurtrie, Deep Dive into Payment Orchestration, Merchant Perspective, Build or Buy, and Provider Landscape

EDC Podcast Ep30: Mark Beresford and Mark McMurtrie, Deep Dive into Payment Orchestration, Merchant Perspective, Build or Buy, and Provider Landscape

Martin Koderisch
November 29, 2023

About This Episode

This week to mark the 30th episode of the EDC podcast, I’m joined by 2 special guests: Mark Beresford (Director and head of the EDC retailer practice) and Mark McMurtrie (EDC Associate Consultant).

We also decided to go all out and record our first episode face to face in a London studio with video as well as audio. So look out for the video version which will follow this audio only podcast. We will place a link to the video on this page once ready.

In this episode we are returning to the topic of payment orchestration which remains a super important trend in the payments industry, with a lot of activity to stay abreast of.

In our conversation we covered the following topics which we have timestamped for convenience:

- Setting the scene: 1min 45sec

- Definitions: 3min 50sec

- Merchant perspective: 9min 35sec

- Build or Buy: 18min 48sec

- Payment orchestration provider landscape: 26min 51sec

- Future of payment orchestration: 40min 42sec

- EDC guide to payment orchestration: 48min 21sec

EDC recently published a Guide to Payment Orchestration which is based on a growing database of 50+ Payment Orchestration Providers. The guide is free and available to download here.

Listen to the episode

Episode Links

Mark Beresford on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markberesford/

Mark McMurtrie on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markmcmurtrie/

Guide to evaluating payment orchestration solutions

Guest Bio

Mark Beresford is a Director in the London office and heads up the Retailer Payments Practice for EDC. He has over 25 years of experience of consulting strategy in the payments and fintech industries. Mark works with leading global merchants, and payment suppliers to retailers, to develop omnichannel acceptance strategies. He uses the 360° Payment Diagnostic methodology developed by EDC to identify cost efficiencies and new growth opportunities for retailers by defining an appropriate mix of payment methods, acceptance channels, innovative consumer touchpoints, and optimizing Payment Service Providers and acquiring relationships. Outside the payments and fintech industry Mark is a passionate snowboarder.

Mark McMurtrie is a highly experienced Payments industry consultant who advises merchants, hospitality providers, merchant services organisation and payment solution providers on payments acceptance market assessments, strategy development and supplier/partner selection. He also provides Private Equity firms with commercial due diligence services. Mark has worked with Edgar Dunn and Company as an Associate Consultant for the last 10 years, completing multiple assignments. Having worked in the payments industry for 36 years his payments experience is extensive and covers card payments, mobile payments, merchant services, account2account payments and open banking. Mark is a regular industry commentator, conference chairman and speaker. Prior to providing consultancy services, Mark held senior executive management positions at leading international payment solution providers.


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